Website24 - Terms and Conditions

§ 1. General
The following general terms and conditions constitute a binding agreement (the "User Agreement") between Hemsida24 AB, org. no. 556783-7595 ("Website24") on the one hand, and users and / or buyers of Website24's services (the "Customer"), on the other.

HHemsida24 provides the Customer with Hemsida24, which is a publishing system for websites, through which the Customer builds his own website which is then stored on Hemsida24's web server (the "Service").

The User Agreement is only valid if, in the case where the Customer is a private person, it has been entered into by the Customer who at the age of 18, and if the Customer is a legal person, has been entered into by a competent representative of the legal person.

In cases where the Customer is under age (under 18) the User Agreement is only valid if the Customer has obtained the necessary consent from the custodian or, where applicable, from the guardian. The Customer warrants Website24 that it has obtained such necessary consent before accepting the Terms of the User Agreement. This also applies in cases where minors run UF companies or own business.

§ 2. Scope of service
The service consists of the services, systems, information and products that from time to time appear in the description of the Service on Website24's website Website24 undertakes, in accordance with the User Agreement and in the manner described from time to time on Website24's website, to give the Customer access to the Service on servers provided by Website24 and to ensure that the servers are connected to the Internet.

Website24 reserves the right to change, add or remove features of the Service at any time and to unilaterally change, add to and otherwise adjust the terms of this User Agreement. Website24 shall inform the Customer, via the Service, on website24's website or by e-mail to the e-mail address specified by the Customer, about such changes in the terms of the User Agreement and / or any material changes in the Service that Website24 implements. In the event that the Customer does not accept such material modification of the Service or the terms of the User Agreement, the Customer shall have the right, within thirty (30) days from the Website24 informing the Customer of the changes, to terminate the User Agreement for immediate termination. Customer who has not terminated the User Agreement within thirty (30) days after Website24 informed about the changes shall be deemed to have accepted the changes.

Support for the Service is provided only to Customers who have entered into payment versions of the Service and are not included in free versions of the Service. However, Hemsida24 is free to offer support on a case-by-case basis also to Customers who have signed an agreement on the free version of the Service. Service interruptions, malfunctions or errors in the Service are reported to Website24 during office hours. Website24 then tries to correct the error to the best of his ability in office hours. The Customer has no right to claim compensation for any interruptions or errors in the Service.

§ 3. Conclusion of this User Agreement
The Customer becomes bound by this User Agreement when the Customer creates an account on Website24's website Website24.

§ 4. Registration and processing of personal data
Website24 collects and processes the personal information about the Customer that is stated in the registration form ("Personal Information") for the purpose of providing and administering the Service and otherwise fulfilling its obligations under the User Agreement. To the extent required for Website24 to be able to provide the Service in accordance with the User Agreement, Website24 may transfer the Personal Information to service providers and partners. Website24 and / or Website24's Affiliates shall have the right to process the Personal Information for the promotion of promotions, promotions and new products or services offered within the Service by Website24 or Website24's Affiliates.

The Customer has the right to access the Personal Information that Hemsida24 has registered on them and may at any time request that Hemsida24 correct or delete incorrect or incomplete Personal Information. By accepting this User Agreement, Customer agrees that Website24 processes the Personal Information in accordance with the provisions of this paragraph 4.

With regard to personal data that the Customer collects from its visitors and customers, the Appendix Personal Data Assistance Agreement applies instead.

§ 5. Right of withdrawal
Customers who enter into the User Agreement as a private person are entitled to exercise their right of withdrawal in accordance with the Distance and Home Sales Act and withdraw from the User Agreement if it is notified within 14 days of the User Agreement being entered into. The right of withdrawal does not apply to ordering domain names through the Service.

If the Customer exercises his right of withdrawal and cancels the User Agreement in accordance with the Distance and Home Sales Act, Website24 will refund the Customer payment made within 14 days from the date of exercise of the right of withdrawal.

§ 6. Passwords and login documents
The Customer is responsible for ensuring that the user identity (s) and password (s) the customer receives for the Service are stored in a safe manner and inaccessible to third parties. The Customer is responsible for any unauthorized use of the Customer's user identity and password for the Service until the Customer has requested and Website24 has blocked certain user identity access to the Service. Website24 has the right to control the use of the Service and the Customer's use of user identities and passwords in accordance with this User Agreement on its own or through the use of an external consultant at the Customer.

§ 7. Customer responsibility
The Customer is responsible for and shall bear all costs for the Customer having access to the equipment necessary to access and use the Service to its full capacity, including but not limited to Internet connection and hardware and software equipment.

The Customer is solely and exclusively responsible for all information that the Customer enters, processes or manages with the help of the Service and for all information that the Customer stores on Website24's servers.

The Customer undertakes to use the Service only in accordance with the User Agreement and Website24's instructions at all times. Customer does not own the right to use the Service in any way that could overload, interfere with, damage, disable or impair the Service or use the Service in any way that could lead to the transmission, distribution or upload of programs or materials containing malicious code such as viruses, timebombs, cancelbots, worms, Trojan horses, spyware or other potentially malicious programs, materials or information.

The Customer undertakes not to use the Service to conduct illegal activities or to upload, publish, email or otherwise process or transmit information in violation of applicable law (including but not limited to information that may be considered to constitute infringement of a public group , child pornography offenses, slander, insult, impeachment, illegal violence and / or copyright or other intellectual property laws or violations of the Data Protection Ordinance (2018: 218)), or which may otherwise be considered threatening, abusive, racist, harassing, offensive / or obscene or involving the privacy of another. This means, among other things, that the Customer does not have the right to use the Service for prostitution, publishing any form of pornographic material, so-called. "Camshows" or "strip shows", sales of weapons, drugs, smoke mixes, cannabinoids or anabolic steroids. The Customer may also not use the Service in a way that may damage the reputation of Website24 or Website24's trademarks. The Customer undertakes not to use Website24's trademarks or features other than as expressly permitted by Website24.

The Customer is responsible for ensuring that all processing of personal data that is done through the website created by the Customer through the Service takes place in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation (2018: 218). In the event that the Customer makes use of the E-store solution available through the Service, it is the Customer's responsibility to ensure that all use of the E-store solution is in accordance with applicable law, including but not limited to the Marketing Act, the Distance and Home Sales Act and the Act on Electronic trade.

§ 8. Right of use to Content
Website24 grants to the Customer a non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide and revocable right to use the Service and its content (including but not limited to all software contained therein) ("the Content") in accordance with this User Agreement. Website24 reserves the right to change and / or exchange the Content during the term of the agreement. All intellectual property rights and other rights to the Content are held by Website24 or its licensors. The Customer receives no right of any kind to the Content other than as expressly stated in this User Agreement.

The content may only be copied by the Customer to the extent that has been written and expressly authorized by Website24. The Customer is under no circumstances entitled to disassociate, in whole or in part, in networks, to process, modify, decompile, copy, add to or create derivative works from the Content in addition to what is expressly stated in this User Agreement. The Customer also does not transfer, rent, loan, license or otherwise provide all or any part of the Content to third parties in addition to what is expressly stated in this User Agreement.

Website24 has the right to collect information about the Customer's computer, hardware, operating system, programs, etc. in connection with error reporting or support matters regarding the Service. and the right to obtain such other necessary information as may be required to handle the error report or support case. The customer hereby accepts that Website24 may collect information as above. Website24 does not have the right to use information regarding the Customer that has been collected as described above for any purpose other than handling the error report or support case. Website24 undertakes to treat such collected information confidentially.

§ 9. Payment terms

When the Customer enters into a payment version agreement of the Service as described above, any remaining trial time will not be deducted. The trial period is thus only for the purpose of evaluating the Service before concluding a contract for payment version of the Service.

In connection with the Customer creating an account for payment version of the Service at Website24, the Customer shall indicate the payment period for the Service (monthly or yearly) and whether the Customer wishes to pay by invoice or by credit card. Website24 does not charge an invoice fee when paying against an invoice. No fee is charged when paying by credit card. Website24 may carry out customary credit testing without knowledge copy. Delivery is only made to the address where the paying Customer is registered.

All payments to Website24 must be paid in advance unless otherwise stated. In the event that the Customer has not made payment in accordance with the invoice and within thirty (30) days from the invoice issuance, or does not have coverage for the payment on the specified credit card, Hemsida24 shall have the right to cancel all or part of the Service until the Customer has paid full payment. If the Customer does not pay, despite the reminder from Website24, Website24 shall have the right to immediately terminate the Customer's User Agreement. In case of delayed payment, Hemsida24 also has the right to compensation for payment reminder, debt collection and recovery costs according to law, as well as the right to delay interest with 24% plus the applicable reference rate.

Payment made is binding and will not be refunded in connection with the termination of the User Agreement or upon downgrading / inactivation, regardless of the reason for the termination or downgrading / inactivation of the User Agreement and regardless of when this occurs. However, this does not apply if the Customer exercises his right of withdrawal in accordance with the law on distance and home sales.

§ 10. Claims due to the Customer's use of the Service
If claims are made against Hemsida24 or claims are brought against Hemsida24 due to the Customer's use of the Service, the Customer undertakes to indemnify Website24 for all damages caused by Website24 as a result of such claim (including but not limited to costs due to settlement or judgment) . The commitment applies only on condition that, within a reasonable time from the claim being made in writing, the Customer is notified by Website24 of claims made or that the action has been brought against Website24, and that the Customer has been given the opportunity to approve any settlement or similar undertaking

§ 11. Limitation of liability
Website24 shall not be held responsible for direct, indirect or other consequential damage to person or property, financial loss or loss of data that may affect the Customer or third parties due to the Service or the Customer's use of the Service. Website24 shall not be held responsible for data breaches or lack of data privacy in connection with the transmission of information via the Internet when using the Service. Nor can Website24 be held responsible for errors or changes in third-party services provided through the Service, including but not limited to the third-party service G Suite.

Website24's responsibility shall be limited to the above, unless there is gross negligence or intention. Website24's liability under the User Agreement shall in all circumstances always be limited to an amount corresponding to the fee paid by the Customer during the current subscription period for the Service. Claims that exceed this amount cannot be made by the Customer against Website24. This limitation shall apply even if other warranties or remedies under this User Agreement do not fulfill its purpose.

§ 12. Term and Termination
This User Agreement enters into force on the day of the Customer's subscription of the Service through registration via Website24's website. For Customers who choose to pay annually, the User Agreement applies for 12 months, after which it is automatically renewed if no active termination is received ("Annual subscription"). The customer must actively submit a written cancellation to our support no later than one (1) day before the subscription expires, if no cancellation is received, Hemsida24 reserves the right to extend the subscription for another twelve (12) months.

For Customers who choose to pay monthly, the User Agreement applies until further notice and is extended by one (1) month at a time, unless terminated by the Customer no later than (1) day before the end of the current month ("Forward Subscription"). The same notice periods apply if the Customer wishes to downgrade his subscription or deactivate activated payment services within the framework of the Service. Customers wishing to cancel their Continued Subscription or sign up for a new Annual Subscription shall notify Website24 by logging into their account for the Service, clicking on "Settings" and then "My subscription" and following the instructions for cancellation / new subscription therein. Withdrawal subscriptions can be terminated by Website24 with three (3) months notice period. Hemsida24 reserves the right, without cause, to refuse to enter into a new Annual Subscription with Customer, provided that Hemsida24 has informed the Customer thereof at least three (3) months prior to the end of the Annual Subscription.

§ 13. Force Majeure
Party is exempt from penalty for failure to fulfill certain obligation under the User Agreement if the failure has its basis in the circumstances set forth below ("exempting circumstance") and the circumstance prevents, or significantly impedes its fulfillment in a timely manner and party has not been able to prevail. fact. Considered to be a liberating circumstance governmental action or omission, new or amended legislation, labor market conflict, blockade, lightning strike, fire, flood, disruptions in transportation, telecommunications or power supply, or for failure or delay in delivery of goods or services by the supplier due to the above circumstances.

§ 14. Malfunction / Compensation
In the event of extensive disruptions to the Customer, Customer is entitled to request compensation within the limits of what Customer pays. Compensation is paid primarily through a free extension of the Service. As major disruptions to operations, continuous or extensive interruptions are counted for twelve (12) hours of office hours (weekend free Monday - Friday, 08:00 - 17:00) for a period of thirty (30 days). The request for compensation shall not exceed seven (7) days after the thirty (30 day) period. Scheduled interruptions are not counted as operational interruptions.

§ 15. Announcements
Messages under this Agreement are sent by Website24 primarily to the email address specified by the Customer. The customer is therefore obliged to ensure that the e-mail address and other contact details are always correct and up to date. The Customer shall provide any messages to Website24 through the e-mail address provided on the Website for the Service or in the form for the purpose set up on the Website for the Service.

§ 16. Amendments to the User Agreement
Except as provided in paragraph 2, paragraph 2, all amendments and additions to this User Agreement, to be valid, shall be in writing and signed by both parties.

§ 17. Applicable law and disputes
SSwedish law shall apply to this Agreement. Any disputes arising from this User Agreement or the Service shall be settled in Swedish public court with Halmstad District Court as the first instance.

As an annex to this agreement, the Personal Data Accession Agreement will be counted. It is concluded at the same time as this agreement